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Poggen Pohl

We at Al Salem Kitchen & Lighting trust that the residential Kitchens are more than just a cooking place, it is more of a life center, it is a space for one person seeking peacefulness, a space of joy and gatherings, it’s the space where memories are made.

Our partnership with poggen pohl is to provide our clients with the kitchen of their dreams, every poggen pohl kitchen is uniquely designed to meet the demand of the most sophisticated clients we have.

Poggen pohl have made kitchen for all kinds of homes in over 70 countries around the world, whatever the size and architecture of the build environment, our team of professional architect and interior designers will take full account of the space you have and your preferred design theme to create a unique, personalized kitchen solution through a comprehensive method of reliable information for cabinet styling, attractive accessories & high branded quality appliances in order to meet your demands and dream kitchen you want to own.