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A meticulous and clean commercial kitchen environment is a challenging task for in charge people as they must ensure having a healthy and pleasant place for all kitchen workers, and an essential part of this is an excellent commercial kitchen ventilation system. Proper ventilation in a commercial kitchen is tremendously significant – while it ensures the health and safety of staff, it also ensures the longevity of the kitchen itself.

Due to extensive amounts of food being cooked and the methods used. If a kitchen is not able to remain properly ventilated, the heat, grease and smoke can pose real health hazards. With VIANEN ventilation system, we’ve got you covered.

Vianen has developed into one of the leading players in high quality ventilation systems for institutional and commercial kitchens. Well established on a global scale with branches across Europe and abroad, Vianen are aiming at further expanding in the international presence.

Vianen products are manufactured its products in Holland and install ventilation products and air filter systems all around the globe in restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, airport, hospitals, prison, exhibitions centers and public buildings.